NEST is a 30-minute long audiovisual performance, where the performer organically fits into the installation built from a neon tube system. It’s a mental and an emotional journey through sound and light fragments. A trip to an infinite space, which is guiding us all back to the primeval territory of our own memories and birth, where trust used to be a natural human principle.

Real-time composing during the performance is just as crucial element as the fixed structure of the set. The combination of these aesthetics make the show each time new, engaging and site-specific. I use light as a musical instrument: controlling the parameters by potentiometer, as if it were synthesizer and playing with it live.


Media artist Bori Mákó and Rozi Mákó reflect each other and invite you into a jointly (dreamed) metaworld. The audio-visual journey was inspired by Mónika Ferencz: Behind my back south. volume, whose sky poems, textual atmospheres and motifs reflecting the history of creation “arranged to the Universe” guide you into a personal mythological world.

Curator: Andrea Kovács – Let it Be! art agency

The House of Music, Budapest, 2022

Három Holló, Budapest, 2022


Csenge VASS – Nóra BARNA – Rozi MÁKÓ

As the next phase of the URFORM research process the artists continue their joint reflection by producing a new video work, in which they evoke the visual and musical world of the archetypical rituals to create a new, virtual dimension. The visual experience, combining the medium of dance, composition, textile and fine art, portrays the multi-layered association of fire by interweaving different branches of visual art.

What tools are available to control or, on the contrary, liberate the human body? Does it fuse into the materials or distances itself from them completely? Is it possible for a human being, despite its organic existence, to become an integral part of an artificial object? The audiovisual and kinetic-experimental research of URFORM focuses on speculative materials, the indirect connection of sound and the human body, the creative elemental force and the gestures of transformation.

When worn on a human body, the synthetic PTFE material transforms into an anthropomorphized surface that generates new forms through motion – it reshapes the borders of the human body. Its  wearer becomes the tool of an experimental movement, in which the „costume” not only adds to the spectacle of the motion visually but the material, given its both elastic and stiff nature, also controls and influences the kinetic possibilities. In this limitless space, body and material become one and form a collective unity complemented by sounds and lights.

The „costume” and „body”, presented in this video installation, form a „body-object” and portray a completely unique character, who – by moving freely and instinctively – creates its own narrative: it becomes an organic part of its environment and nature. Our sense of reality and imagination blend together – the dance performance, recorded live, turns into a virtually available, utopian, experimental fiction.

Interior, scenery, costume: Csenge Vass, Choreography, dance: Nóra BARNA, Music: Rozi MÁKÓ, Director: Ambrus FATÉR, Concept, art director: Csenge VASS, DOP: Ákos NYOSZOLI, A camera operator: Róbert SZÉKELY, B camera operator: Máté DOBRAY, Gaffer: László MIHALIK, Camera assistant: Dávid NAGY, Technology: Arizona Mps

Co-operation partners: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Let it Be! art agency, FabLab
Budapest, D17 Gallery, 4DSOUND Spatial Sound Institute, Art Quarter Budapest

photo credit: David Le Grand


A co-work with Bori Mákó media artist, Close Distance is an audiovisual composition created during the period of voluntary home isolation, virtually bridging the physical distance and reflecting on each other’s work. It is a melodized digital painting and a painted electronic music. Encounter of converging endpoints and planes, soundtracks and brushstrokes, in the air.

The sound and painted material was created during COVID-19 pandemic official lockdown period in Budapest. It was premiered in May 2020 as part of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts’ smART! XTRA 5.0 // AV Composers online event.

THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space | Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice in 2020.

Curator: Andrea Kovács – Let it Be! art agency

Video installation, length: 14:30 min


Collaboration with Glowing Bulbs. 

Observing the passage of time, the moment cannot be kept, it is a non-existing never ending story.


Audiovisual installation with Glowing Bulbs.

The Pixelbug was made for the Zsolnay Light Art Festival in 2019 in collaboration with the visual team, Glowing Bulbs.
The way the lights flashed the music sounded.