We look up to the idol, we idolize and imitate him. An idol is a person or role model that we can follow by common consent. Idol. Who do we see when we hear this word? Yet on the basis of which normative ideas do we select them? Where does it lead if, instead of inclusive operation, we follow idols that are designated in an exclusive manner, which are in fact foreign to us, without success?

A joint production of ArtMenők and HODWORKS, Idol creates a space where normatively able-bodied and disabled performers can take the stage together and create a world that they want to experience in their everyday, personal living spaces.

Performers: Márton Gláser, Ági Gyulavári ,Imola Kacsó, Boglárka Karcza, Tamás Kerekes, Márk Marián , Andrea Mészöly, Levente Nagy, Anna Pakh , Panka Pataki, Henrietta Sudár, Kata Tóth, Károly Tóth, Ábel Vay

Director: Adrienn Hód
Art assistants: Imola Kacsó, Márton Gláser
ArtMenők professional/group leaders: Andrea Mészöly, Ági Gyulavári
ArtMenők professional/group assistants: Henrietta Sudár, Károly Tóth
Music composer: Rozi Mákó
Lighting designer: Kata Dézsi
Styling, costume: Viktor Szeri
Head of the ArtMenők Art Program: Kata Kopeczny


“How much does the body express itself, how does it communicate its personal and cultural content through dance? Does it speak differently if words do not support it? If we don’t help, ‘what we dance about’? We shaped the dancers’ original stories through dialogues between movement and text, and then abandoned the texts. With the help of our ancestors, we searched for what it means to be an Austrian, a Hungarian and a Russian woman on the same stage. Women next door, on the same side or on different ones. It’s a sensitive area.” Anna Biczók

Artistic direction, choreography: Anna Biczók
Performance, choreography: Adél Juhász, Karin Pauer, Sasha Portyannikova

Music: Rozi Mákó
Light: Kata Dézsi
Costume: Csenge Vass
Graphics: Bori Mákó
Assistant to choreographer: Virág Arany
Choreographer: Anna Biczók
Partner: Workshop Foundation
Coproduction partner: STUK Huis voor Dans
Supporters: Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, Creative Crossroads – Life Long Burning, Kreatív Európa Program, danceWEB, Sín Kulturális Központ
Special thanks: Ármin Szabó-Székely, László Fülöp, Zsófia Tamara Vadas, Gáspár Téri