Free Sequence Anthology Vol II.Compilation, Label: Free Sequence, 09 March 2023

Ba(a)d Schandau Express Vol 2: The Hungarian German Art Pop Tribute EP Variations On AG Geige, 11 August 2023

Tsering – Half Trust, Label: Műhely, 13 September 2023

Capazine – Let’s Dance

The Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center’s second editionof the CAPAZINE workshop. 2020, Budapest.

With Marcell PITI /photographer/, we went for a search for an aesthetic relationship between photography and sound.

We do not hear any sound in space. At least the human ear is incapable of that. But with the right equipment, we can amplify the noises of the cosmic atmosphere, so it becomes possible to measurethe sound-track of each planet. That one of the Moon is quite comforting, similarly to Rozi’s music, the monotonous, seemingly endless sizzle of which can still be a source of harmony. The atmospheres of the landscapes composed on the basis of noise music present the diversity of Rozi’s work, and together they create a visual code. The medium is the Google Earth 5.0, that is, the Google Moon, which comes from that when I first met one of Rozi’s pieces, for quite a while I didn’t hear anything, but then I put on the headphones and slowly I started to perceive a kind of sizzle coming from somewhere very deep. The various colors show the frequency changes of Rozi’s music. The audio spectrum is denoted by the topographical colors, which delineate a pathway on the surface of the Moon. This is how the spectrum of the music determines where the road leads, based on the Google Moon Colorized Terrain map. This is how the pathway of music is created. (Marcell PITI)